The Rising Star Project production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying goes up in March, but this season’s student team is already gearing up for the challenge!  The second annual Rising Star Project Leadership Workshop took place the theater last Saturday.  It was an opportunity for this season’s students to meet, begin building skills for the future, and talk leadership with Les Biller—local philanthropist and member of The 5th Avenue Theatre Board of Directors.

Here are a few highlights:

The 2015/16 Rising Star Project team will be composed of over 90 students from all over Washington State- future leaders in their respective communities. 

Objectives for the day included talking about different leadership styles and reflecting on one's own default style. 


“A leader is someone who inspires others to do things that they would not naturally do, if left to their own devices.” – Les Biller

We are grateful to Les Biller for taking the time out to share his experiences and reflections with this year's Rising Star Project team!